80’s 90’s Trivia Game


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Relive the glory days of Michael Jordan, Iron Maiden, Ghetto Blasters, and Nintendo. 80’s 90’s Trivia is a totally radical blast from the past! Categories include movies, TV, music, sports, and culture. Sample questions include:

  • Movie – What is Indiana Jones’ first name: James, Walter, or Henry? Henry
  • TV – What Seinfeld co-creator later appeared in his own comedy called Curb Your Enthusiasm? Larry David
  • Music – Belinda Carlisle was a member of what all-girl band? The Go-Gos
  • Sports – What hockey player sat out 24 games for radiation therapy during the 1992-1993 season and still won the NHL scoring title? Mario Lemieux
  • Culture – What shoes did Michael Jordan introduce in 1985? Nike Air Jordan

220 cards (1100 questions)

Ages: 12+
Players: 2+

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Weight .410 kg