Highlights of Summer 2019, Part 2

In 2019 so far, we've been working hard to get some Port Dover souvenirs that are unique to Liberty.  We've had some luck with fridge magnets, tote bags, and a little one-inch button that says "I <3 Port Dover."  These worked great as additions to the anchor-shaped ornaments that I make out of pottery and the Norfolk Enamelware camping mugs (of which the "Port Dover" mug is nearly sold out now).  

There are some more Port Dover items in the works that we expect to have in stock for Spring 2020.

The water levels in Lake Erie were at record high levels at the start of the season... and then they got higher.  All summer, every time the wind blew from the South the waves washed over the pier and the lowest point on Harbour street was a big puddle.  I'm too lazy to do the research to confirm this, but what I heard; and freely repeated all summer long, was that Ontario hydro raised some dams in the Niagara river to lower the levels in Lake Ontario.  This was necessary because Toronto Island was nearly sunk.   It was cool though, because the water on the pavement warmed up fast and was really pleasant to splash in.  The water in the lake proper stayed quite cold all summer.  Here's a picture of that low spot on Harbour Street.  As you can see, the ducks could almost swim right over the sidewalk.

To wrap things we up, we had a Friday the 13th fall in September.  The weather was moderately co-operative and the turn-out was also moderate.  We have a problem with our location getting found here on Harbour St.  It's kind of wierd because it's up the river, just a little from the lake proper, so it's waterfront, yet feels like a side street.  To get more people to come down our street, I put out a bubble machine on special event days.  Unfortunately, toy store bubble machines are not built to last, so I have already gone through three of them.  I actually asked for an industrial bubble machine on my Christmas wish list this year.   That's a real thing!  They can be purchased from DJ/nightclub electronics suppliers.  Oh I hope I get one!



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